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Discover the world’s most stunning golf courses with Better Golf Nation. Our articles offer insights into renowned and hidden gem courses, providing you with everything you need to plan your next golfing adventure. From course layouts and hole-by-hole guides to amenities and location details as well as everything related to golf course action, we’ve got you covered. After all, the course is a crucial part of the game. Enjoy the journey!

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Unlocking Success: Best Ball Golf Format Demystified

The best ball golf format is a competitive style that combines individual play with teamwork. Players form teams, and each player plays their own ball, but only the lowest score among teammates on each hole

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Dressing for Success: Why Does Golf Have a Dress Code

Why does golf have a dress code? The answer lies in its rich history and practical considerations. Golf’s dress code, dating back to 19th-century Scotland, wasn’t just about appearances. It ensured comfort and safety on

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Wet Weather Golfing: Can You Golf In the Rain

Golfing in the rain is possible and offers a unique challenge. Safety is key; avoid lightning. Wet conditions alter gameplay, requiring strategy adjustments. Essential gear includes cleated shoes, towels, rain-resistant clothing, and waterproof bags. Personal

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Stableford in Golf: How Does This Scoring System Work?

Stableford is a popular golf format that awards points based on how well you play each hole. Unlike stroke play or other formats, stableford focuses on comparing your score to par, with different point values

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Understanding Why Golf Uses Bird Names: A Detailed Guide

Why bird names for scoring terms in golf? Bird names like birdie and eagle were introduced to make the scoring system more memorable and enjoyable. They add character and personality to the game, making it

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Golf 101: How Long Does Playing 18 Holes Take?

Playing a full round of 18 holes in golf typically takes around 4-5 hours for a group of four. This duration may vary based on factors like course layout, group size, mode of transport, and

Time Mastery How Long Does 9 Holes of Golf Take
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Understanding How Long 9 Holes of Golf Typically Take

Playing nine holes of golf, on average, requires about two hours. However, this duration can be influenced by various factors like the player’s skill level, pace management, use of an electric golf cart, and course

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Master Golf Basics: Learn How Many Holes Are in Golf

A standard golf course typically features 18 holes, split into two sets of nine, originating from early designs such as Buxton and High Peak. While variations like executive or par-3 courses might offer fewer holes,

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Provisional Ball in Golf: Your Ace in the Hole

In golf, a provisional ball serves as a backup and is hit after a golfer suspects their original shot might be lost or out of bounds. This strategic option can save time and maintain the