Why Do Golfers Wear White Pants: Tradition and Practicality

Why do golfers wear white pants? White pants in golf serve both tradition and practicality. They reflect heat in warm conditions, offering comfort to players. Many golf courses require conservative attire, including white pants. Professional golfers opt for style and comfort, often choosing white belts. While white pants may stain easily, their benefits make them a staple in golf fashion.

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Key Takeaways

  • White pants in golf serve both tradition and practicality, reflecting heat and keeping golfers cool in warm conditions.
  • They are often required by golf course dress codes, contributing to a professional appearance on the course.
  • White pants are easier to clean compared to darker trousers, making them a practical choice.
  • Golfers should consider their own style preferences, comfort, and adherence to dress codes when choosing attire.
  • Despite some downsides, white pants remain a staple in golfing fashion, appreciated for their aesthetics and practical benefits.


Golf is a sport that attracts participants of all ages, genders, and skill levels. It’s a game that requires patience, focus, and precision. But one aspect of golf that often goes unnoticed is the fashion trends that come with it.

And perhaps the most prominent fashion trend in golf is the use of white pants. White pants have become synonymous with golf, and for good reason. They are a traditional part of golf fashion and have been worn by players for decades. But why do golfers wear white pants?

Is it just for appearance, or are there practical reasons behind it? One aspect to consider is the climate in which golf is played.

Golfers often play in warm conditions, which can make wearing certain types of bottoms uncomfortable. White pants provide an ease that slacks don’t offer due to their light color reflecting heat as opposed to dark colors, which absorb it.

Check out this video below from Coach Shayain‘s Youtube channel where she talks about what to wear to play golf :

Another reason for wearing white pants is that many popular golf course dress codes require them or other conservative-colored slacks. Some courses enforce strict dress codes on their players, requiring them to wear collared shirts and long trousers while playing on the course in order to keep the game professional.

But when it comes down to it, experienced athletes know how important comfort can be while playing any sport, including golf, and these comfortable alternatives need not sacrifice style either, as evidenced by many professional players who have embraced white belts over more traditionally colored ones.

Overall, there are several aspects to why golfers wear white pants, both for practicality and tradition-based reasons. In upcoming sections, we will dive into some more specific reasons behind this golfer’s choice of attire—after all, there’s more than meets the eye when you see a player walking onto the course sporting their favorite pair of white slacks!

Female golfer hitting shot out of bunker

The Tradition of White Pants in Golf

The tradition of wearing white pants in golf dates all the way back to the early days of the sport. It was a common sight to see golfers decked out in white, whether they were playing casually or professionally. While there is no clear explanation for how this trend started, it is thought that it may be rooted in the fact that golf was originally played on grass courses, and white pants helped players stay cool and comfortable while navigating through the greens.

Over time, wearing white pants became more of a style preference for golfers than just a practical choice. Golf fashion has evolved quite a bit since those early days, but white pants have remained a staple on the course.

In fact, many pro-golfers still prefer to wear cotton slacks in bright hues of white, off-white, or beige. Even today’s professional PGA Tour golfers still tend to stick with this traditional look.

They are often seen sporting elegant white cotton pants during their tournaments and practice rounds. It’s not hard to imagine why some might find the appearance of crisp trousers pleasing; they lend an air of formality and professionalism to any setting.

Golf course dress codes typically dictate that players wear collared shirts and appropriate trousers – with shorts being allowed only under certain conditions depending on location – so it’s no surprise that professionals often opt for comfort while adhering to these requirements. Cotton slacks happen to be one of the most convenient options given their breathability in hot weather conditions.

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Golfer wearing white pants hitting golf shot from tee

The Practical Reasons for Wearing White Pants

Wearing white pants on the golf course isn’t just about style; it’s grounded in practicality and tradition. As avid golfers know, comfort is key in this strenuous sport, especially when the sun beats down. White pants offer a cool advantage, reflecting sunlight and keeping players comfortable in hot weather. 

Beyond comfort, they’re also easy to maintain, concealing dirt stains that often accompany golf’s rugged terrains. But it’s not just about practicality; white pants are deeply woven into the fabric of golfing culture, signifying respect for tradition and etiquette.

Here are some reasons for wearing white pants:

  • Cool Comfort: White pants are favored by golfers for their ability to keep players cooler in hot conditions, thanks to their sunlight-reflecting properties.
  • Stain Concealment: White pants hide dirt stains better than darker alternatives, making them a practical choice for golf’s often-messy courses.
  • Cultural Significance: White pants are a longstanding tradition in golf attire, representing respect for the sport’s culture and etiquette.
  • Professional Tradition: Professional golfers have donned white pants during tournaments for years, shaping a culture of accepted clothing norms at golf courses.

In the world of golf, the choice to wear white pants isn’t merely a fashion statement; it’s a testament to the sport’s practical demands and reverence for its heritage. These pants provide comfort and cleanliness amidst the challenges of the golf course, all while paying homage to the timeless traditions that define golfing culture. 

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the game, understanding the significance of white pants adds depth to your appreciation of this sport.

Golfer hitting tee shot wearing white pants

Considerations for Wearing White Pants

When it comes to wearing white pants on the golf course, there are certainly some considerations to keep in mind. 

First and foremost is the aesthetic aspect – white pants can look quite sharp on the course, but they require a certain level of attention to stay looking good. If you’re someone who tends to get dirty easily or doesn’t have time for laundry, white pants might not be the best choice.

Another factor to consider is ease of movement. Golfers need to be able to move freely and comfortably while playing, and tight or restrictive clothing can hinder that. When choosing white pants for your golfing wardrobe, make sure they fit well and allow you plenty of room to move around in. 

And if you’re going for a trendier look, keep in mind that some fashion rules suggest avoiding baggy or oversized clothing. Of course, every golfer has their own style preferences when it comes to attire. Some athletes prefer a more traditional look on the course, while others like to stand out with bold colors or patterns.

"When it comes to wearing white pants on the golf course, there are certainly some considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost is the aesthetic aspect – white pants can look quite sharp on the course, but they require a certain level of attention to stay looking good. If you're someone who tends to get dirty easily or doesn't have time for laundry, white pants might not be the best choice."

PGA Tour golfers are known for their attention-grabbing outfits both on and off the green. Ultimately, what you wear while playing golf should reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable and confident in your surroundings.

One final consideration when putting on white pants is professionalism, particularly if you’re playing in a professional setting such as a tournament or corporate event. While some golfers may opt for more casual clothing choices during recreational rounds with friends, professionals are expected to adhere to strict guidelines regarding their attire on the course.

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For example, many tournaments require that players wear specific brands or styles of clothing as part of their sponsorship agreements with those companies. Understanding these aspects behind professional golfers’ style choices can help inform your own decisions about what to wear while playing.

Golfer dressed in white practicing golf shot on green

White Pants and Professional Golfers

Professional golfers are often seen donning white pants as part of their golfing wardrobe. While some may dislike the idea of wearing white pants, others find it to be an essential part of their golf attire. White pants have been a staple in the sport for many years, and it’s not just because of tradition. One reason professional golfers wear white pants is for aesthetic purposes.

White pants look clean, crisp, and put-together on the course and give participants a professional appearance. Additionally, white pants pair well with other items in golf fashion, such as polo shirts and white belts.

Golfers also appreciate that they can mix and match their outfits while still looking fashionable. Weather is another factor professional golfers consider when deciding whether to wear white pants or not.

Golf courses are typically located outdoors, and weather conditions can play a significant role in what attire is suitable to wear. On warmer days, players may prefer wearing lighter-colored clothes to help keep them cool under the sun’s rays.

White slacks are usually made from breathable materials that provide convenience on hot days. While fashion trends come and go, the tradition of wearing white pants continues on professional courses worldwide.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, there are practical reasons why professional golfers choose to wear this attire as well; for instance, it hides grass stains better than black or dark-colored slacks. Whether athletes have personal reasons explained by comfort or follow fashion rules set forth by the sport itself, there’s no denying that white pants will remain a staple in golfing attire for many years to come!

Golfer setting up ball for tee shot on golf course

The Downside of Wearing White Pants

While white pants are undoubtedly a cherished tradition in golf, they come with their fair share of drawbacks when donned on the green. It’s crucial to acknowledge the practical challenges they present:

  • Susceptibility to Stains: White pants are prone to dirt and stain accumulation, which can be a constant concern on golf courses known for their mixed terrain.
  • Sweat Stains: Playing in hot and humid weather may lead to unsightly sweat stains, affecting both appearance and comfort.
  • Body Shape Sensitivity: Unlike darker colors, white pants tend to accentuate body imperfections or bulges, potentially causing self-consciousness among golfers.
  • Personal Style Preferences: Some individuals may simply not favor the look of white pants on themselves, opting for darker colors or more comfortable alternatives.
  • Comfort Matters: Ultimately, golfers should prioritize comfort and individual preferences when selecting attire for a day on the course, keeping fashion trends and practicality in perspective.

In the world of golf attire, white pants hold a dual identity—imbued with tradition yet challenged by practicality. Recognizing both their allure and limitations is essential for golfers as they decide what to wear. Whether adhering to professional trends or embracing personal style, comfort should always remain at the forefront of choices on the golf course.

Golfer wearing white pants putting golf ball in golf hole

The New Rules for White Pants

One of the most significant changes in golf fashion is the rule governing what golfers can and cannot wear on the course. Nowadays, most public golf courses have a dress code that requires proper attire, including a collared shirt and shorts or pants.

But in recent years, many golf courses have relaxed their rules when it comes to white pants. Golf fashion has evolved quite a bit over the years.

It used to be that golfers were required to wear all-white or all-black on the course. However, this trend has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more golfers opting for brighter colors and bolder prints when selecting their attire for a round of golf.

Despite these changes, there are still some considerations when it comes to wearing white pants on the course. Experienced golfers know that white pants can be tricky to keep clean and look good throughout an entire round of play.

Plus, there are some weather-related considerations – if you’re playing on a hot day or if there’s rain forecasted, you may want to avoid wearing white altogether for your own comfort and satisfaction. Nevertheless, even with these challenges, many skilled participants still prefer wearing white pants because they look fantastic and add an extra touch of class to their overall appearance on the course!

Check out this video below from Mark Crossfield‘s YouTube channel where he talks about how to not look like a beginner golfer:

Golfer on driving range hitting golf balls wearing white pants


The tradition of wearing white pants in golf dates back to the origins of the game. While it may seem like a fashion statement, there are practical reasons for wearing white pants on the course.

The color helps to reflect sunlight and keep the golfer cool on hot days, while also maintaining a professional appearance. However, there are also some considerations to keep in mind when wearing white pants.

They can be difficult to keep clean and may show more wear and tear than darker trousers. Additionally, some golf courses have strict dress codes that require specific colors or styles of pants.

Despite these challenges, many professional golfers continue to wear white pants as a part of their style and for ease of movement during play. And while the trend may not be for everyone, it is important to remember that each athlete has their own reasons for choosing what they wear on the course.

In short, whether you love or dislike wearing white bottoms when playing golf, understanding the aspects behind this tradition is an important part of being an experienced golfer. So next time you’re planning your outfit for a day on the links, take into account not only the forecast and location but also the reasons explained here for why golfers wear pants – particularly white ones!


Absolutely, white pants are a popular choice in golf attire. They not only look sharp but also help keep you cool in warm weather due to their reflective properties.

Long pants are a tradition on the PGA Tour, showcasing professionalism and respect for the game’s heritage.

Golfers wear pants for a polished look and to adhere to golf course dress codes, maintaining the sport’s decorum.

Yes, the PGA typically enforces a dress code that includes long pants for male golfers, ensuring a uniform appearance.

Neutral colors like white, beige, and light gray are excellent choices for golf attire as they reflect heat and maintain a classic look.

White pants can be stylish at the club, but it’s best to check the specific dress code to ensure compliance.

The PGA’s tradition emphasizes professionalism, favoring long pants to maintain a formal appearance.

Golf dress codes ensure a respectful and uniform appearance on the course, maintaining the sport’s traditions and etiquette.

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