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Hi there, I’m Toni Benedito, the person behind Better Golf Nation. You know, I was only 12 when I first became fascinated with golf. It’s the sheer skill and accuracy of the game that really draws me in, especially when it comes to golf equipment. I love nothing more than sharing what I’ve learned and helping others take their game to the next level. So why not join us? We’re all about nurturing a vibrant golf community where everyone learns and improves together. Step by step, insight by insight, we’re building a Better Golf Nation.

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Average cost to re-shaft golf clubs Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Is It Worth It? The Average Cost to Reshaft Golf Clubs

Average re-shafting costs $35-$40 per club (excluding grips), influenced by materials and club type. Understand the significance of shaft characteristics, from length to flex. Save on costs with used shafts or a DIY approach. Optimize

Different types of golf balls Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Selection 101: Exploring The Different Types of Golf Balls

Choosing the right golf ball is key to improving your game. Factors like distance, accuracy, and spin control depend on your ball choice. Balls come in two-piece and multi-layered constructions, each with unique benefits. Brands

Soft vs. Hard golf balls Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Soft vs Hard Golf Balls: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers

The choice between soft and hard golf balls can greatly affect your game. Soft balls, with lower compression, are great for beginners or slower swing speeds, offering more distance but less control. Hard balls with

Golf Ball Compression chart Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

The Golf Ball Compression Chart: What Every Golfer Must Know

Choosing the right golf ball is key to improving your game. Compression, measured from 0 to 200, determines how much a ball compresses upon impact, influencing its trajectory and distance. Refer to a golf ball

How much are golf cart batteries Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Battery Breakdown: How Much Are Golf Cart Batteries Really?

Golf cart batteries range widely in cost, with simple lead-acid types typically priced around $100 to $200 each, while advanced lithium-ion batteries can range from $500 to $1000 each. The price is influenced by factors

Do golf balls go bad Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Golf Ball Secrets: Do Golf Balls Actually Go Bad?

Golf balls can deteriorate over time, influenced by factors such as storage conditions, usage, and material composition. Although unused balls don’t decay like used ones, they still should be examined for age signs if stored

How much does a golf club weigh Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

The Surprising Truth: How Much Does a Golf Club Weigh?

Choosing the right golf club weight is crucial for any golfer. Drivers typically weigh 200–330 g, irons 265–310 g, and putters 350–600 g. This weight affects swing speed, control, and feedback. Lighter clubs enhance speed,

How to know if a used golf cart is in good condition Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

How To Know If a Used Golf Cart Is In Good Condition?

Are you in the market for a used golf cart? This comprehensive guide helps you understand what to look for, including factors like battery condition, tire health, the state of the frame, brakes, and other

How to Regrip golf clubs Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Sweaty Hands? No Problem! Learn How to Regrip Golf Clubs

Regripping your golf clubs is a game-changer. Worn-out grips affect your swing and performance. Signs it’s time? Slick, cracked grips or decreased scores. Choose the right grip by considering size, material, and texture. Need to

How to increase clubhead speed Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

The Secret Sauce: How To Increase Clubhead Speed in Golf!

Boosting clubhead speed is crucial for longer drives on the golf course. Achieving this involves a combination of proper technique, physical conditioning, and equipment optimization. Focus on improving swing mechanics, incorporating golf-specific stretching and strength

How to clean golf clubs Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Shine Bright on the Greens: How to Clean Golf Clubs

Clean golf clubs are essential for optimal performance and longevity. Regular cleaning prevents dirt and grass buildup, enhancing spin, trajectory, and accuracy. Use warm, soapy water for irons and a soft brush for metal woods.

How to hold a golf club Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Golf Club 101: How to Hold Your Club Right and Left-Handed

Mastering the art of holding a golf club is the key to unlocking precision in your swing. Whether you’re right or left-handed, the grip sets the foundation for accuracy and ball control. In this guide,

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