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What is Par in Golf Featured Image
Golf Tips

Understanding What is Par in Golf: Tips and Insights

In golf, ‘par’ is the expected standard score for a hole. It sets the scoring benchmark, with proficient golfers aiming to match or go under par. Courses assign par ratings based on hole length and

What is Match Play in Golf Featured Image
Golf Tips

Beginner’s Guide: What Is Match Play In Golf?

Match play is a unique and exciting golf competition format where two players face off, aiming to win the most holes. It’s not about achieving the lowest score, but rather outperforming your opponent on a

Golf Tips

Skins In Golf: Origins, Rules, and Winning Strategy

Skins in golf is a thrilling gambling game where each hole holds a monetary value known as a “skin.” The objective is to win as many skins as possible during the round, with the player

What is a golf handicap featured image
Golf Tips

The Significance of a Golf Handicap: Unveiling the Details

A golf handicap is a numerical measure that represents a golfer’s potential playing ability based on the difficulty of a golf course. It’s designed to level the playing field, allowing players of varying skill levels

What Is a Stableford in Golf Featured Image
Golf Courses

Stableford in Golf: How Does This Scoring System Work?

Stableford is a popular golf format that awards points based on how well you play each hole. Unlike stroke play or other formats, stableford focuses on comparing your score to par, with different point values

What Is a Condor in Golf Featured Image
Golf Tips

What is a Condor in Golf? A Comprehensive Guide

In the golfing realm, a condor refers to the ultra-rare feat of scoring four strokes under par on a single hole, which can be achieved by taking one stroke on a par-5 hole or two

Why Golf Uses Bird Names Featured Image
Golf Courses

Understanding Why Golf Uses Bird Names: A Detailed Guide

Why bird names for scoring terms in golf? Bird names like birdie and eagle were introduced to make the scoring system more memorable and enjoyable. They add character and personality to the game, making it

Slice vs Hook Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Slice vs. Hook: Understanding Golf Shot Differences

Slice and hook are common issues in golf where the ball deviates from its intended path, curving to the right or left, respectively. These deviations are typically caused by the swing direction and club path.

How Long Does 18 Holes in Golf Take Featured Image
Golf Courses

Golf 101: How Long Does Playing 18 Holes Take?

Playing a full round of 18 holes in golf typically takes around 4-5 hours for a group of four. This duration may vary based on factors like course layout, group size, mode of transport, and

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