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Average golf score by age Featured Image
Golf Tips

Competing with Time: Average Golf Score by Age

For players under 18, it ranges from 90 to 100 strokes, while those in their 20s aim for 85–95, 80–90 for 30s and 40s, and 75–85 for over 50. However, age isn’t the sole factor;

Average Driver Distance by Age Featured Image

Age vs. Drive: Average Driver Distance by Age

For most male recreational players, it’s around 215 yards, while females average 140 yards. Distance decreases with age, starting around 30 and dropping by about five yards every decade. Aging golfers can still maximize distance

Average cost to get fitted for golf clubs Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

What’s the Average Cost to Get Fitted for Golf Clubs?

Investing in properly fitted golf clubs, while incurring costs ranging from $50 to $500 or more, is a crucial step for golfers. The customization process, which analyzes factors like swing speed and launch angles, ensures

Average golf club by age Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Let’s Compare: Average Club Distance By Age

For male beginners, expect a 200-yard driver and 135-yard 7 iron; females hit 150 yards and 80 yards, respectively. In your 20s, male 5-iron distance is 195 yards; females hit around 160. PGA pros exceed

9 iron golf club guide Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Iron Mastery: The Ultimate 9 Iron Golf Club Guide

Unlock the full potential of your game with the 9-iron golf club. Offering precision and control, this versatile club is a game-changer for golfers of all levels. Its forgiving design and consistent ball flight make

6 iron golf club guide Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Iron Mastery: The Ultimate 6 Iron Golf Club Guide

Master the 6-iron for precise shots. Its high trajectory and distance control make it ideal for approaches. Prioritize grip, posture, and clean connections. Beware common mistakes. Choose the right 6-iron based on skill. Maintain it

58 vs 60 degree wedge Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

The Battle of the Wedges: 58 vs. 60 Degree Wedge

While a 60-degree wedge provides high-trajectory shots with less roll, often preferred for extreme situations, a 58-degree wedge may offer you more versatility. Assessing these wedges’ benefits based on your individual needs and playing conditions

54 vs 56 degree wedge Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

The Battle of the Wedges: 54 vs. 56 Degree Wedge

While both the 54- and 56-degree wedges offer similar lofts, the differences lie in their bounce and performance. A 54-degree wedge, which offers a flatter trajectory and less backspin, is typically more suitable for experienced

50 vs 52 Degree Wedge Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

The Battle of the Wedges: 50 vs. 52 Degree Wedge

Choosing between a 50-degree and 52-degree golf wedge depends on your playing style, skill level, and shot requirements. Typically, high handicappers find a 50-degree wedge more manageable and favor it, while mid-level players prefer the

3 wood vs 5 wood vs 7 wood Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Fairway Wood Face-Off: 3 Wood vs. 5 Wood vs. 7 Wood

Choosing between a 3-wood, 5-wood, or 7-wood hinges on understanding their unique characteristics and their suitability for different shot scenarios. Generally, a 3-wood is used for fairway shots, offering control and distance, while a 5-wood

Hybrid vs Iron Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Hybrid vs. Iron: The Ultimate Battle for Golf Supremacy!

When comparing hybrids and irons in golf, hybrids offer ease of use and distance because they are a blend of fairway woods and long irons, making them ideal for players who struggle with long irons.

How much space you need for a golf simulator Featured Image
Golf Equipment & Gear

Plan Ahead: How Much Space You Need for a Golf Simulator

For a comfortable and effective golf simulator setup, you should ideally have a room providing at least 9 feet of height clearance, 10 feet of space behind the player for equipment, and 15 feet in

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